Recent PhD Thesis in the Group of Atomic and Molecular Physics using synchrotron radiation and fusion plasmas
at the Department of Physics, KTH

Thesis since 1995

Gemma Vall-llosera
Synchrotron radiation studies of gas phase molecules; from hydrogen to DNA sugars, KTH, Stockholm, March 2008

Sheena Menmuir
Visible spectroscopic diagnostic: application and development in fusion plasmas, KTH, Stockholm, December 2007

Mattias Kuldkepp
Diagnostics for advanced fusion plasma scenarios, KTH, Stockholm, December 2006

Emilio Melero Garcia
Synchrotron radiation spectroscopy of molecular dynamics beyond the valence shell, KTH, Stockholm, April 20, 2006

Jesús Álvarez Ruiz
Synchrotron radiation induced fluorescence spectroscopy of gas phase molecules, KTH, Stockholm November 2004

Bob Gravestijn
Importance of radial profiles in spectroscopic diagnostics applied to the EXTRAP-T2R reversed-field pinch, KTH, Stockholm, Nov. 2003

Jaume Rius i Riu
Gas phase molecular relaxation probed by synchrotron radiation experiments, KTH, Stockholm, Oct. 2002

Jakob Svensson
Artificial neural network modelling in nuclear fusion research and engineering at the JET tokamak, KTH, Stockholm, 2000

Anders Hedqvist
Quantitative plasma spectroscopy in a resistive shell reversed-field pinch, KTH, Stockholm, 1999

Jesper Sallander
Time- and space-resolved spectroscopy at the EXTRAP-T2 reversed-field pinch, KTH, Stockholm, 1998

Ken Yoshiki Franzén
Formation and fragmentation dynamics of superexcited molecules, KTH, Stockholm, 1998

Pontus Hörling
Applications of visible and VUV spectroscopy at the EXTRAP-T1 and EXTRAP-T2 reversed-field pinches , KTH, Stockholm, 1996

Andrzej Karawajczyk
Advanced Light Sources Applied to Studies of Molecular Structure and Dynamics, KTH, Stockholm, 1995
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