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Master of Science Thesis at the Group of Atomic and Molecular Physics using synchrotron radiation and fusion plasmas

MSc Thesis since 1995

Sandra Ehlers:"Temporal drifts of the magnetic field in superconductive undulators", 2009
Yuan Ding:"Modelling of the radiative power loss from the plasma of the ToreSupra tokamak", 2008
Igho Agbaisi:"Photon excited fluorescence from molecules", 2006,
Cristian Bontoiu:"Undulator I511- Optimizing its performance at small gaps", 2006
Veronika Haug:"Modelling of the VUV-spectrum from oxygen impurities in a hot fusion plasma", 2005
Per Sundelin:" Mach-Zender interferometry for measuring fast phenomena in a hot plasma", 2005
Gemma Vall-llosera:"Absolute intensity calibration of a visible-UV spectrometer and application to dispersed fluorescence measurements", 2004
Emilio Melero Garcia:"Study and developments on a fluorescence acquisition experimental set-up for atomic and molecular dispersed fluorescence emission spectroscopy", 2001
Karin Ström Ståhl: "On the role of ICRF-heating in a hot fusion plasma", 2001
Catharina Benndorf: " Fixed tissue characterisation using fluorescence lifetime imaging", 1999
Victoria Roslund: " Undersökning av elektrontäthet och -temperatur med hjälp av relativa intensiteter hos HeI linjer", 1999.
Anna-Åsa Karlsson:"A magnetic study at the stellarator TJ-II", 1998.
Jenny Ann Nilsson: "Software development for tests and data access in a client/server model for the TJ-II fusion device", 1998.
Michael Gösch: "Hydrodynamic flow and circular Gaussian volume element for molecule selection with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy", 1997.
Alexander Friedrichs: "Elliptical and circular Gaussian volume elements for single molecule detection with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy", 1997.
Leif Johansson: "Detection of metastable atoms produced by electron impact, 1997.
Linda Megner: "Absorption spectroscopy of NaCl using the dual laser plasma technique", 1997.
Sara Westermark: "Determination of oxygen concentration in the EXTRAP-T2 plasma using absolute intensity measurements of the 2s3p 3P2 --> 2s3s 3S1 transition in OV", 1996.
Marie Huss: "Determination of branching ratios of the A-state in CO2+ through analysis of spectra obtained with a CCD grating spectrometer", 1996.
Jutta Speitel: "New models of high precision collimators for ectomography-optimisation performance and quality", 1996.
Jonas Nordquist: "Highly ionized chlorine in a fusion plasma",1996.
Karin Thurberg: "Multielectron dissociative ionisation processes of diatomic molecules. A femtosecond pump-probe experiment", 1996.
Anna Kagebäck: "Tests of optical alignment and CCD detector of a high resolution x-ray crystal spectrometer for the JET tokamak", 1996.
Tove Allerbrand: "Diagnostics of dense fiber Z-pinch discharges using plasma spectroscopy", 1995.
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