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Tekn. lic. thesis in the Group of Atomic and Molecular Physics using synchrotron radiation and fusion plasmas.

Tekn. lic. Thesis since 1995

Katarzyna Jakubowska:"Development of visible spectroscopic techniques for applications in plasma diagnostics", December 2006
Gemma Vall-llosera:"Fluorescence properties of trendy molecules studied with synchrotron radiation", October 2006
Sheena Menmuir:"Visible spectroscopy as a sensitive diagnostic tool for fusion plasmas", Dec. 2005
Mattias Kuldkepp:"Radial profiling using local and line integrated spectroscopic measurements", May 2005
Emilio Melero García:"Fragmentation studies of small molecules using synchrotron radiation", March 2004
Jésus Álvarez Ruiz: "Photon induced fluorescence studies of molecules using synchrotron radiation", April 2003
Bob Gravestijn: "Spectroscopic diagnostic of fusion plasma at the reversed-field pinch EXTRAP-T2R", Oct. 2002.
Jaume Rius i Riu: "Neutral dissociation and non Franck-Condon effects in valence excited N2 and O2 molecules", 2000.
Anders Hedqvist:"Diagnostics of the EXTRAP-T2 reversed field pinch by visible and VUV spectroscopy", 1998
Ken Yoshiki-Franzen: "Decay Dynamics of Superexcited Small Molecules", 1997.

Research in the Group of Atomic and Molecular Physics


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