Department of Physics I

Information about courses given for graduate students by the Group of atomic and molecular physics

Compulsory and elective courses:
F5A5450 Atom- and laserphysics, 10p, W. Demtröder: "Laser spectroscopy", Springer Verlag, 1996, contact Elisabeth Rachlew
F5A5460 Astrophysics, 5p, F.H. Shu :"The physical universe. An introduction to Astronomy",University Science Books, Sausalito, Calif., 1982, contact Peter Erman
F5A5452 Experimental radiation physics, 5p, G.F. Knoll:"Radiation detection and measurement", Wiley, 1999, contact P. Erman, E. Rachlew
F5A5472 Molecular spectroscopy, 10p, G. Herzberg:" Molecular spectra and molecular structure. I. Spectra of diatomic molecules", Krieger publ. Malabar, Florida, 1989, contact P. Erman, E. Rachlew
F5A5462 Plasma diagnostics, 5p, I. Hutchinson, Cambridge Univ. Press, 2002, contact E. Rachlew
5A5470 Introductory molecular spectroscopy, 5p, G. Herzberg, contact P. Erman, E. Rachlew

Information about courses given by the Department of Physics

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