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Group of Atomic-and Molecular Physics

Fusion related atomic physics

View of the EXTRAP T2 Experimental facility.
Research leader:

Elisabeth Rachlew, Prof.

Keywords: Plasma diagnostics, Atomic collisions, Radiative processes, Spectroscopy

Project description:

The research programme aims to develop and apply spectroscopic methods and models to diagnose hot fusion plasmas. The research draws upon results in basic atomic and molecular physics with wide applications to space and astrophysics. The group has developed and applied new spectroscopic methods from the X-ray to the visible wavelength region at the Swedish fusion experiment EXTRAP T2R at KTH and the major European fusion experiment JET in U.K. In combination with atomic data from collision experiments in the laboratory and at large facilities, new models have been developed for interpretation of spectral emission from hot plasmas. The group participates in the ADAS consortium for the modelling of radiation processes in the plasma. The work is highly international and interdisciplinary and is part of the European EURATOM, EFDA program.

Sources of funding: EURATOM, VR,KVA,The G Gustafsson foundation

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